Hardware Selection

My notes of webcam software here.

Outside Camera

The outside camera page is here.

Fire Pump Camera

The fire pump is located under the house and the home computer is right alongside it. So there is little advantage in using a wireless camera. Also, the lighting conditions do not vary as greatly. Still my experience with the one and only CMOS camera I had was not great so I would still like to go for a CCD camera.

So, I think I need a camera with the same specs as the outdoor camera except:

  • Does not need an auto-iris lens as the lighting dynamic range is much lower.
  • Sound is required.
  • Low light intensity (not IR night vision) is probably more important for this camera.

Vision Capture

Given that IP cameras are out of my price range, then the options for me are:

USB server Very flexible. Easy to install. Low cost. Devices that take 4 video inputs are available. I have one of these. An example is the EasyCAP USB device.
Stand alone network video web server Ideal for me, I'm very tempted to get one. Less than $200 on ebay. An example is the IP Video 9100A Plus Network Video Server.
PCI card Lowest cost option but not very flexible.


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