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Paton Electrical Bakelite Large Ammeter


Manufactured by: Paton Electrical.

Circa: Believed to be form 1930's or 1940's.

A large bakelite ammeter. 2 Amps full scale deflection. Believed to be from a 30's or 40's vintage AWA radio transmitter.

Weston Electrical Instrument Co


Manufactured by: Weston Electrical Instrument Co., Newark, New Jersey, USA.

Circa: 1920s, 1930s. (not sure)

Model 354 Weston Ammeter. Measures DC Amps -20 to +20 with a centre zero. Marked with Discharge on the LH side and Charge RH side.

General Electric


Manufactured by: General Electric

Circa: Unknown

X-ray Milliamp Meter.

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