Water Calculations

Energy Consumption

My notes on heat attenuation by EWSS.

Google search strings:

  • fire heat radiation attenuation
  • radiant heat blocking
  • water mist fire mitigation

KW = (LPM x Tdiff) / 14.34

Butterfly Sprinkler

Flow rate: 15LPM
Diameter: 6m
Vertical area: 14m2

So if a sprinkler delivers 15LPM and a fire raises the water temperature by 20 deg C (prior to falling to earth … big assumption) then it is consuming ..

KW = (15 x 20) / 14.34 = 20KW

So on the basis of heating the water, by 20degC, only the sprinkler only consumes about 1.5kW/m2. Insignificant given that a bushfire can emit 56kW/m2. Difficult to comprehend. :-(

The key issue must be vaporisation.


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