Blog Site Notes

My notes on blog sites I've used or looked at:


Used this provider for a few years. Been very good but I'm a bit frustrated with the restriction on layout (I'm using the free service). Does not support BlogML export.

Exporting - bad. Not support for BlogML. Just makes it hard to migrate to another service.
Themes - okay. Does allow some editing of the theme.

Themes I like on this site:

  • list item


Great import from blogspot feature. But not sure about exporting to another blog site. Did not see any mention of BlogML.

Nice themes.

Themes I like on this site:

  • Emire
  • Hemingway

I find navigating themes awkward. But there does seem to be a lot of themes.

They do place adverts, but the adverts suit my focus (software development). But, I'm having diffuclty is seeing the killer feature that this site has to offer.

Navigation is not great, seems more in tune for techo users. I could not find a theme preview.

Does have support for a custom CSS,

Themes I like on this site:

  • AnotherEon001 - good (3.5 star)
  • Cogitation - nice (4 star)
  • DKSkin - nice (3.5 star)
  • Leafy - nice for a non-geek site
  • lightz - not sure, I need to look at this one more
  • Origami - okay

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